It is granted by A United States signature Owner the right to stop others from using a confusingly similar mark in connection with services or goods. A trademark application’s expense may vary based on the presence of any marks.

The trademark application Procedure Moves through three phases:

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The Program

As a preliminary matter Applicants have four choices for trademark application based on their specific circumstances:

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  • Section 1(a) of the Lanham Act (the United States Trademark Act) allows application for applicants who have already made use of the mark in United States trade (e.g., doing business in the US).
  • Section 1(b) of the Lanham Act Allows program for applicants who affirm that they aim to use the trade on the National Register within 1 year of book. By submitting specimens to show use of the mark in trade program must be perfected within 1. The objective of a 1(b) program is for applicants who have not yet used the mark in the US to lock within their date of priority to the date of the 1(b) program in other words, if another thing employs a similar mark following the applicant is 1(b) program but prior to the date of perfection, the first applicant will be accorded priority as of the date of its 1(b) program.
  • Section 44(e) of the Lanham Act Allows applicants who have a trademark registration to register their mark based on enrollment.
  • Section 44(d) of the Lanham Act Allows overseas applicants to lock the afternoon of priority because of their mark into the day of the foreign trademark application. The practical outcomes of this are the same as in the 1(b) application described above.

Applicants may apply under a Combination of the above alternatives. By way of instance, they may apply under Section 1(a) if they’ve used the mark in the united states and they may also use Section 44(d) to lock their date of priority to the date of the possibly earlier foreign application.

Prices for Period 1:

USPTO Fees: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Charges a $325 filing fee for each course under. A course is a description of the form of products or services where the mark is associated. By way of instance, Craigslist is enrolled for Class 35 (advertising information) and Class 38 (interactive bulletin boards).

Attorney Fees: Most lawyers charge hourly for trademark work or Charge a fee depending on to Finish the filing. The paperwork for a Stage 1 filing should Take longer than 1 hour. As explained below, it is not possible to Estimate the time it would take to move an application.