In the event that you have just run a week after week live online webinar training meeting and it is currently finished, it is the ideal opportunity for you to repromote that bundle as a progression of video replays. Be that as it may, how would you effectively reposition one of those training courses as a class that remains all alone? You do it in three different ways. Make it evergreen, include a dashboard page, and set up an autoresponder utilization email arrangement.


The primary thing to remember is that you have to make your webinar training evergreen. That implies, on the off chance that you notice anytime in the course, that the training was live, regardless of whether that is in the recordings themselves, in the remarks inside the participation site, expel those. On the off chance that you referenced any date, for example, the month and day, the year, or day of the week, or even any occasions or uncommon events, evacuate those or put forth a valiant effort to not specify them when you make the account. It is significant that individuals do not know whether the recordings you recorded are a day, seven days, or a month old. Keep it evergreen.

The following thing you ought to do is make a dashboard page. This webinar preparationn takes only a couple of moments however safeguards that individuals can without much of a stretch explore within the participation website that holds your webinar training recordings. It is basic, simply make a different WordPress page that connects to the different posts and pages containing the webinar replays in a sensible bit by bit style. You can basically list the connections to every one of these recordings as a site map sort of page or as symbols, put them in tables, and get it as extravagant as you can imagine. Be that as it may, including the dashboard page consequently makes your enrollment site look a hell of much better.

At last, and this is one of the most botched chances with regards to making a webinar replay website or a participation webpage when all is said in done, make an utilization email autoresponder succession. I do not get my meaning by this? I imply that, when somebody joins your site, they are not really going to experience all the training immediately. They may take a few days or even a long time to observe all the recordings. They may have overlooked how to sign in or what the following stage is for them. That is the place you come in. Make a progression of email messages that mention to individuals what video they ought to watch, what report they ought to peruse, or what move they ought to make at the present time. Send them a message on the very beginning, day three, day seven, simply something at regular intervals to remind them to sign into the individuals region and continue viewing the recordings, regardless of whether they have paid you one time or are paying you on a rebilling plan.