Kanha National Park is a Tiger Reserve and a park located in Balaghat and Mandla districts in Madhya Pradesh, India. This park covers an area of approximately 940 square km in the 2 districts such as Balaghat and Mandla. It creates the Kanha Tiger Reserve with the Phen Sanctuary adjoining 110 square km and a neighbouring 1,009 square km buffer zone. This park has a significant population of Barasingha and Royal Bengal Tiger.

Kanha National Park


Kanha National Park includes a large population of tiger estimated to about 121 in June 2006. Additionally, it has a substantial population of Indian wild dog, leopards and the sloth bear. There is an estimated number of 396 Indian wild dogs, while leopards are estimated to be at about 80 in all. The sloth bear is estimated to 111 people in the year 2000. Most prey species of a large Predator is chital or spotted deer. This is estimated to be 20,000 at the Park. The 2nd largest population of deer is Cervus Unicolor or sambar which represents substantial prey base of the tiger. Several usually observed mammals are the gray langur anticipated to be 6,668 in population, wild boar at roughly 8,534, sambar at more than 3,621 and the gaur anticipated to be more than a thousand in the year 2000.

Other superior species of this kanha national park would be the Indian grey mongoose, small Indian civet, honey badger, smooth-coated otter, Bengal fox, golden jackal and rhesus macaque. Additionally, it has the Indian hare, Indian porcupine, Indian pangolin, seen chevrotain, leopard cat, jungle cat and the striped hyena. The elephant safari and jeep Safari are the two choices for spectacular viewing of wild animals in the park. All these can be found anytime during your visits. The perfect time for seeing animals is through late night and early morning when they are usually wide awake. The safaris can be found in 6:00 am to 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm in the afternoon. This museum is located inside the Park. The museum is the best place to understand the topography and lots of interesting facets of the park that could enhance your experience of visiting the Park.

Bamni Dadar

This place is also known as the Sunset Point and the most attractive place inside the Park. Animals such as four-horned antelope, gaur, barking deer and sambar deer can be seen around the region.

Raja Rani

This area is located close to the visitor centre in Park. Jabalpur is the nearest airport about 6 hours’ drive from Park. There are daily services to Nagpur and Raipur from other airports in India. There are two ways to reach the Kanha National Park through Kisli or through Katia. Additionally, there are regular services to this park from Jabalpur. By Raipur, Jabalpur and Bilaspur one can hire taxis to this park. Cars aren’t permitted inside Kanha Park after dark. The appropriate railheads from Kanha Park are Nagpur and Jabalpur.