The cashew tree, Anacardium occidentale L, can develop to 40 feet tall in heat and humidities. It would not endure temperatures moving toward freezing. The trees are local to tropical America from Mexico and the West Indies to Brazil and Peru. They are very alluring, with wide leaves and minimal pink blossoms. The fruits start to show up when the trees are around 3 years however come into full creation at around 8 to 10 years. The trees are currently filled in Africa, Vietnam and India for nut crops.

In English, the fruits are called Cashew Apples, however there is no similarity to an apple. The part seems as though a fruit is really an extra fruit, and not a genuine fruit by any stretch of the imagination. The genuine fruit is the kidney formed bulge containing the cashew nut that develops from the base finish of the cashew apple. The meaty cashew apple takes after a pear fit as a fiddle with yellow, orange or rosy skin. The skin and inward tissue are exceptionally delicate, making the fruits inadmissible for delivery.

The cashew nut is encircled by an extremely hard twofold shell packaging. Inside this shell is contained an exceptionally poisonous oil that can make extreme consumes the skin. On the off chance that one is extremely susceptible to this oil, ingestion could be lethal. It will in any event cause a skin response in the vast majority. As a result of the poisonousness of this oil, it makes expulsion of the cashew nut troublesome and click reference. Automating this cycle has been fruitless, and should be finished by hand. The seed packaging should be warmed by appropriate broiling which will obliterate the oil poisons. This cycle should be done outside, as the harmful oils in the shell can spurt out onto the skin or be delivered into the air and cause serious lung harm, as when consuming toxic substance ivy. Indeed the oils are synthetically identified with the urushiols in poison ivy. Anybody sensitive to harm ivy has the chance of hypersensitivity to parts of the cashew. Whenever done appropriately, the extraction of the cashew nut leaves them totally eatable. On the off chance that one stands amazed at the expense of cashews, this is the motivation behind why.

Cashew apples are very mouth puckering and give up an odd inclination on the tongue. They are utilized to make invigorating drinks. They contain up to multiple times more nutrient C than oranges, in addition to a high measure of mineral salts. In nations where cashew apples are normal, another utilization is making wine or other alcohol from the plump frill fruits. In Guatemala, maranon wine is made and utilized. One of the applications is its expansion to the well known marinade called Chinichurri. In Goa, India, there is an alcohol produced using these fruits. These plump fruits can likewise be made into jam or different desserts, or dried.